Angbao rates for Hipster Venues

We love all kinds of festivities – the smiles on everyone’s faces, warm greetings and sincere blessings. Festivities never fail to put a smile on our faces too. How has the last 15 days of your Chinese New Year been?

We hope it has been another boisterous season of blessings, mandarin oranges, pineapple tarts, and of course receiving (fortunately) and giving (also fortunately because it’s a blessing to give) of angbaos. Giving of angbaos symbolises our blessings to the recipients. That is why during happy occasions, we give out angbaos/love gifts. This is the same for weddings; the giving of angbaos is a gesture of blessing the newlyweds.

One of the commonly-asked questions from friends whenever we get invited to the same wedding involves the Big question of “How much to give”?

In a practical sense, angbaos are given to the newlyweds to help alleviate their wedding expenses, meaning to help cover part of the cost of their wedding. The breakeven rate for angbaos is therefore usually 10% of the banquet cost per table, assuming each table sits 10. It is sort of paying for your own seat at the wedding.

This is of course tricky when a wedding is not held at a hotel but at some hipster venues. After all, most of us would not like to give below the market rate.

Apart from using the actual wedding banquet as a gauge, the amount to pack in an angbao can deviate depending on:

  1. How close you are with the newlyweds
  2. Your financial ability

So if you have just been invited to a wedding at an indie hipster venue, here are some suggested rates:

Tanjong Beach Club – $108



Heading to a wedding at Tanjong Beach Club? It is a tropical paradise in Sentosa where you’ll be surrounded by white sand, cool breeze and a lovely couple celebrating their love for each other. Besides the sensational view of Tanjong Beach, an “immensely satisfying” – as described by TODAY – array of dishes await. Enjoy!

House @ Dempsey – $158

House 1.jpg

House is a cosy setting for an intimate celebration. You can expect a gastronomic feast and creative cocktails at a wedding at House, tucked away in the lush greens of Dempsey Hill. Sit back, relax, and feel right at home!

Skyve Wine Bistro – $168


Located near Orchard Road, Skyve provides a quiet refuge from the city bustle. A sheltered outdoor area also means that you can stay dry and comfortable even if it rains during an outdoor wedding ceremony. You can almost expect a wedding reception with a lot of good wines at this bistro.

Tamarind Hill – $138

A stand alone colonial bungalow, Tamarind Hill radiates jungle luxe vibes, set amidst the lush greenery of Labrador Nature Reserve. Specialising in Thai Cuisine, Tamarind Hill also provides one of its kind culinary options for weddings so be prepared for a compelling meal at a wedding in Tamarind Hill.

Masons – $178


A former army barracks turned restaurant, Masons is a British colonial styled restaurant with picturesque architecture, perfect for a sophisticated wedding. Its garden lawn outdoors and colonial charm indoors are both Instagram worthy, making Masons a paradise for Selfie kings and queens. For such a delightful intimate ambience, refined dishes and great company, be sure to pack a little more to express your gratitude and blessings for the couple.

PS: Have you been invited to any weddings in which you are still clueless on how much to give? Do leave us a comment and we would love to help.

PPS: Did you know it is possible to throw an intimate celebration for 40 guests at below $5,000 nett all inclusive? Read all about it!

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