#BehindTheScenes: Scandinavian Styled Shoot


If you have been following Rosette Designs & Co. and our recent weddings, you would know that the popular colour schemes chosen by couples are mostly made up of pastel colours like blush pink. We decided to do away with that in our recent styled shoot with Bridestory and ventured into something new.



Conceptualising a winter-inspired board with elements from Scandinavian interior décor and nature, we definitely managed to try our hand at a fresh concept and we are proud to say the photos turned out extremely well. The Bridestory shoot was Scandinavian-themed with simple colours like white, green and grey. The backdrop – a wooden aisle and white brick wall – are reminiscent of a cosy fireplace at home.



Clean, bright lines and a pop of colour with green elements were all tied in neatly by the main floral element – the olive leaf. We restricted the use of colours in flowers and chose a single colour – white – for a garden feel, as if it were happening right in your backyard.


Kate Middleton brought back the long-sleeved  lace gown, and that is exactly what we chose for the beautiful bride. Dainty and demure, the stunning gown fit right into the scene. The bride’s hair and makeup (AMke) was natural, and a foliage crown was added to tie in with the theme.


Our friends from Ektory provided a wreath of olive leaves made from hand (they look absolutely divine, we say) and got us all excited because it gave off the Christmas vibes. Gold lantern props added a touch of sophistication to the overall backdrop and the cake was made in the image of wood textures.



Slowly, as the sun set, the candles were lit. That brought out the simplicity and elegance of the setting even more – all it took was the chemistry between the models of the day to set the entire room ablaze.

So there you have it, a Scandinavian styled shoot brought to you by Bridestory and yours truly.

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