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Two different characters were destined to meet on a fateful day. He was a smart, comprehensive, detail-oriented engineer and she was a creative, spontaneous, mood-oriented designer. After 5 years of courtship they got hitched in June 2010. This blog started as a documentation of their journey and preparation for the long awaited day. Now, it has evolved into a useful avenue to share wedding tips and showcase their design work for future brides and grooms.


Winston & Hellen started Rosette Designs & Co after their unfruitful search for a design-focused service in Singapore wedding industry. As a designer, Hellen saw the need of a design-centric wedding company who also provides planning and coordination. Winston’s driven and quick-thinking character fits perfectly as the head of coordinator. Along the way, they rope in their long time friend, Eunice, a certified wedding planner who excels at organising and planning. Voila, Rosette Designs & Co. was born! Since then, Rosette has thrived and served many happy couples from all walks of life with a common goal in mind: to have a Pinterest-worthy wedding!


We are not lone fighters but a group of passionate people with strength in design, planning and coordination. By engaging us, you will get the whole she-bangs that you need to create a Pinterest-worthy wedding without the stress of having to plan it yourself. As design, at the heart of our service, let us be your Jack-of-All-Trades while you be the King and Queen of the day.

Feel free to drop them a note if you are interested to engage them or just to chat about anything wedding-related at info@rosettedesigns.com.

23 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey Helen;

    I had met u ages ago through Linda Soh at Cityharvest Church( around year 2006 or 2007), came from Perth.. Can you remember me?
    I had seen all the photo shoots uploaded in your facebook albums.. It was taken pretty well and didnt know you are officially married ever since we had met about 2-3 years ago.. Congrats for your upcoming wedding and all the best for the
    I will probably dropby Singapore around Feb12’2010 and Cityharvest church!

    God bless Helen and Winston

    Love; Jacklyn

    1. Hi Jacklyn,

      That was quite a long ago ya.. I guess I will remember you when I see you..^_^

      We are not married yet till June 20 next year! I guess those pictures you saw is our pre wedding photo shoot.

      Please do come visit us whenever you re in town!


    1. Our package is MTM-wedding dress, Evening gown, suits, 3x make up & hair, bridal bouquet, bridal car deco, 6 corsages, 2 additional bridesmaids dress/kua.. for $3888

  2. HELEN!! OMG! didnt realise that you’re the Helen that i got to know from choir. hope u still remember me. Leny here…

    I was google-ing out about doing holy matrimony at fort canning park. and i found a link to ur blog..
    I was reading it like up and down till i stared at your picture (at the top).. for a second i began to figure out that you look like someone i know and i quickly hit the “about us” menu and it is YOU!

    hahaha… helen… bisa minta email kamu?
    kalo boleh, gw mau tanya2 soal fort canning park. gw intend to do it there too buat my big day.

    btw our bridal shop is the same too!

    Congrats ya btw!

  3. hi hellen and winston..found your blog while searching for lace doillies..love your whole diy wedding and blogging of the process especially winston’s proposal..it’s a beautiful proposal, winston..congratulations and may the two of you live happily ever after 🙂

  4. Hi Helen,

    Aww, your proposal is so sweet!
    Congrats on eternal marital bliss!!

    I’m getting married this year too, and I really like the blue dress that the jie-meis were wearing.

    Could you please share with me where you bought it please?
    Please let me know at 9711-7774 asap if possible, thx lotz sweetie!

  5. Hi winston and hellen. I interested of reading your blog. Can you send me or services packages? Thank you very much 🙂

  6. Hi,
    Im Ivy, I juz came across this page. I am really interested to know if u conducted ur ROM or Weddings at Changi chalet( as seen in the pics)? do reply asap to my email add sangeetha23@hotmail.com. It whould be a great help to my sister’s wedding.
    Thank you.

  7. Hi,

    I wish to enquire about the wedding venue decoration packages for ballroom.

    We will be holding our wedding in November at Grand Hyatt Hotel, The Gallery and are looking into having the banquet area decorated.

    Examples: Chair covers, aisle and stage decoration.



  8. Hi Rosette,

    I came across your profile while searching for weddings deco. 😉 the works you have done is nice & hardly I’ve seen anything the same.

    My fianc¨œ and I will be holding our wedding lunch buffet at the arts house in Nov 2014. We will be using the chambers, gallery, living and blue room. Decorations is a must but at the same time we do not want to spend a bomb on it.

    Just wondering roughly how will your quotes be like for a simple yet elegant deco for all 4 rooms?

    Await your reply.

    Zen (bride)
    Hp: 81395482

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