Top 8 places to pop the question

Did you know that as many as six million people propose on the 14th of February, making it one of the hottest day of the year to propose? There is no day quite as significant and romantic as Valentine’s Day to ask for the hand of that special someone. A proposal is certainly just as important as the actual wedding – if not, more important. … Continue reading Top 8 places to pop the question

Happy Monkey Love 2016

February is the month of love and feasting. With the Lunar New Year falling on the same week as Valentine’s Day, we had a hard time deciding whether we wanted to do a Lunar New Year or Valentine’s greeting. So we decided to have the best of both worlds and incorporate elements from both celebrations. Cheers to a prosperous new year! BTW, did you know that our … Continue reading Happy Monkey Love 2016

Newly arrived: Rosette’s Little Precious

I’m really excited for you to meet Rosette’s Little Precious: our DIY baby shower styling kit. It’s been a great learning and eventful journey since we started with Rosette & Co and I am humbled to have received numerous enquiries to decorate baby showers which we had to regretfully turn down then, Now, my dream to provide baby party decor has finally come true with … Continue reading Newly arrived: Rosette’s Little Precious

Brief Introduction DIY Kit : How It Started

When I was pregnant, I faced a dilemma that I think most of you can relate to. Which type of celebrations should follow to welcome my baby? As (Indonesian) Chinese, the natural celebration is man yue, which celebrates the baby’s first month. But, having a hybrid culture, the  western baby shower is also an option, which usually falls on the late second trimester or early … Continue reading Brief Introduction DIY Kit : How It Started

Rosette's Little Precious - pink and yellow floral theme

Arriving Soon: Rosette’s Little Precious

If you have been following my blog, you will know that I am blessed with two beautiful children, Savannah & Aiden. Having them both within the span of two years was not part of our plan. While  they are truly my source of joy, at the same time, they are also my biggest worries. As a “Mumpreneur” (mom + entrepreneur), I am constantly torn between providing … Continue reading Arriving Soon: Rosette’s Little Precious

Sava 1st Bash: Invitation

Since the inspiration board is done, it makes it easier to design everything else. Next thing to do is the invitation. My best friend, Katryn, owner and principal designer of the highly sought after stationery line, Pemberley Paperie, suggested using water color and I love that idea. I always love the delicate and ethereal feels of water color. I wish I could do more of … Continue reading Sava 1st Bash: Invitation

Invitation to Share Your Wedding Journey

Calling all the brides-to-be or grooms-to-be who are willing to or looking for an avenue to share their wedding journey and share some tips for others! We would love to have you write on our blog as guest bloggers and continue this legacy of indie, non-profit wedding blog. We are not looking for polished and capable writers, just a genuine heart will do and a willingness … Continue reading Invitation to Share Your Wedding Journey