We believe as long as we are doing the works with passion and dedication, the outcome would be pleasant! True enough, we have reaped rave reviews from our lovely clients. Let us share some of their feedback:

We want to thank the decor and coordination team for all their hard work and making our dream wedding a reality. We cannot even compile the compliments showered upon us by our guests that night and more than providing your services, thank you for making yourselves our friends.

Raymond & Abigail
Raymond & Abigail


It has been an amazing time working with Rosette team especially Hellen and Grace. They listen to my needs and transform it into a remarkably awesome design. The color and the elements that follow the theme was being brought to reality. Thank you again Grace & Hellen for everything you have done for me. Not forgetting I got lots of praises for my “Fashion Show” photobooth concept!!! -Fara & Hussein Service rendered: Rosette One (Design & Décor)

Fara & Hussein

Alex & Claudia infront of the paper flower wedding arch
Alex & Claudia infront of the paper flower wedding arch
“I had no idea what kind of theme I wanted for my wedding nor the colors I’d like to use, but when Hellen showed me her client’s wedding arch that was made entirely of paper flowers, I knew I wanted the same for my wedding!  It was definitely a lot of work folding all the roses and kusudama flowers, but when I saw how my vision came to reality in the end with everything so brilliantly put together, months of hard work was well worth it.”  Claudia
“Executing a well planned international Wedding, where everyone partakes in the enjoyment of the festivities, naturally takes precision and consideration. This is what we got from the Rosetta & Co team. Eunice and her team were very meticulous in her planning and managing all the vendors on the day of the wedding. Hellen was instrumental in the design and decorations.  All the guests were impressed by the decor, and the flow of activities that evening.”  Alex
Photographed by Jen Huang Photography
Wayne & Liz, photographed by Jen Huang Photography

Hi Hellen, we would like to thank you yesterday for all the effort for this wedding. Indeed this is a long journey but I would like to thank you for helping us. I am really happy with how the envisioned wedding turns out exactly what i wanted. It was truly a very touching moment when i saw all the tables and set up done. You guys have spent countless meeting with us and going through almost a few hundred changes and managed to keep things going. I would like thank all your little helpers for being so smiley and helping me with everything i need. Winston thanks for being the chaperone for all my guests and making sure all is good. You guys make a very good team. Eunice, thanks for being the gung-ho time keeper/ mother hen / bag lady. You guys are really well equipped and organised for the entire day. Without you all the schedules will definitely flop for the day. I would definitely change the mindset of most people not wanting a wedding planner. Rosette designs, you guys make such a great team. thanks a million Mr and mrs chang:D Service Rendered: Rosette Three (Full Wedding Planning)

Adios and Ciao Ciao stage backdrop Hello Hellen, Finally (we)have time to say hi! A huge huge thanks to you and your team for the time and effort!!! We received many positive feedbacks! Thank you for making our dreams come true and accommodating to our some last min requests. Thank you!!!! Winston and his team were fabulous too!!! Most worth it to have them around to get everything so organised! Candy was extremely helpful in helping with gowns. They were all tactful and awesome! Made my night so good!!! So I can just focus in hugging and chatting with our guests! J&N Service rendered: Rosette Two (Wedding design and actual day coordination) 10547569_799312050119970_2238929553481846142_n Hi Hellen & team, thank u and ur team in creating such a beautiful wedding for us last night. Everything is over my expectation and so nice on pics. I definitely made a correct decision to having u and ur team to be my wedding planner! From Helen & Francis Service rendered : Rosette Three {Full Wedding Planning} 10550869_801451989905976_3565144041095742314_n

Thank you for the wonderful job you have done for our celebration on 12th July.  The decorations were beautifully arranged and created the right ambience we wanted.

The coordination team was top notch and excellent. Special commendation to Winston who did such a superb job leading up and at the wedding! Hats off!

It was great having you all part of our special day! Thank you once again!

Xxxxx Victoria and Xavier

Service rendered : Rosette Two {Design & Coordination} Loresimg_6797 Dear Jacqueline, Hellen, Winston, and everybody else in Rosette Design, Thank you! We thought a wedding should be beautiful and a reflection of the couple, and you guys made it possible! I should tell you, I was pretty desperate looking at the boring and cookie-cutter wedding decoration in Singapore, especially if it comes from the hotel and restaurant package. I can’t emphasize enough how relieved I was when I found Hellen/Rosette Design. I remember saying to myself, here’s someone who understands what a wedding should be. I’m really happy with how the decoration turned out (and Irwan is happy if I’m happy :p), they are beyond my expectation. I think it’s difficult to pinpoint which part we like best because everything is beautiful! The altar flower is gorgeous, I couldn’t ask for a better arrangement. I remember looking at it while listening to the sermon and thought that it’s perfect. And I just saw the picture of the guestbook table at church from your Facebook page. It’s lovely! Too bad I didn’t get to see it in person 😦 The pew flower, the centerpieces for dinner, everything is just perfect. Thank you so much for the job well-done. We wish more success for Rosette Design. And sorry for the last minute changes and requests :p Let us know when you want to collect your vase yah. By the way, do you happen to keep the extra menu cards? I just realized that I forgot to save 1 for our memento 😦 Regards, Astrid and Irwan Service rendered : Rosette One { Design & Decor} Emanuele n Vera_114

Hi Eunice and Hellen,
sorry for replying only now 🙂
I wanted to thank you both for the excellent outcome of everything!
the feedback was very positive from everyone who attended the wedding, it was an amazing ceremony and we had such a good time also during dinner and also at Kudeta.
Eunice you were super super great in all the emergencies which happen and also the décor etc was spot on!
I will miss our meetings and messages, we couldn’t have had a better planner!
thank you both for the excellent work!
Vera and Ema
Service rendered : Rosette Three {Full Wedding Planning}
Wee Lim n Stacy_004

Dear Hellen,

thank you to you, Winston and your wonderful team for all the hard work you put in for our wedding.
ALL the feedback we received from our friends and families were positive! they loved the decor, in particular the flower arrangements along the aisles and on the tables.
In particular, I liked the wishing tree idea a lot.
My dad and Wee Lim were pleased with the scheduling of the event and how Winston ensured everything followed the schedule so that we did not overrun too much. We also felt that you guys did a great job synchronising with the Cappella people.
Wee Lim and I would not hesitate to recommend your team to our friends (actually we already have to a few couples haha!).
Thank you so much once again for everything you guys have done for us!
God bless and warmest regards,
Stacy and Wee Lim
Service rendered : Rosette Two  {Design & Coordination}
Once again, thanks a lot for your help.
We are satisfied with Rosette Design.
Loves & God bless,
Jeen + Robb
Service rendered : Rosette Three {Full Wedding Planning}

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