Destination Wedding – Bali

We, Rosette Designs and Co, has just been interviewed by Wedding Bali, a one stop guide for couples planning to have their wedding in the beautiful island of Bali. Bali has become one of the most popular wedding destinations in the World and it’s not a surprise given the island’s exquisite beachesĀ and serenity. It’s the perfect place if you’re thinking of a place to have … Continue reading Destination Wedding – Bali

Inspiration from Wedding Decor in Jakarta

Recently I watched this interview from Axioo TV about choosing the right decorator for your wedding. The host interviewed Johan from Lotus Decor, one of the most sought after wedding decorator in Jakarta, aside from Nefi Decor and Suryanto and many more. It also showed the “typical” wedding decor in Jakarta. When I said typical, it doesn’t mean the decor is ugly, without effort or … Continue reading Inspiration from Wedding Decor in Jakarta

She says: Trend of 2010 – Alice in Wonderland

Early this year everybody was expecting the release of the creepy-talented Mr Burton’s movie, Alice in Wonderland. Since then the classic’s theme started springing everywhere, from books to cakes to merchandise to party. Wedding industry wasn’t spare from the hype. Alice-themed pre-wedding shoot became hot cakes and daring brides wants Wonderland theme for their wedding. I met a bride who really like this idea, but … Continue reading She says: Trend of 2010 – Alice in Wonderland

She says: Honeymoon Route

We were so excited for our honeymoon in Europe on September, until we received news that our tour is canceled! Although they will give us a full refund, I am still upset that we couldn’t go to the designated places we have planned! That’s the downside of choosing a tour for honeymoon, instead of free and easy. Initially we were lazy to plan our own … Continue reading She says: Honeymoon Route

She says: Axioo + Nefi Decor = Heart-melting Moments

Wedding industry in Jakarta, Indonesia is very lively and becoming bigger especially in the aesthetic area of wedding celebration. Photography and decor have stepped into another level of creative bonanza, thanks to this one person/company, Axioo. They are among the first photography studios who embraced the global occurrence of wedding blogs and rooting in photo-journalistic style. Every “It” bride-to-be in Jakarta must have heard about … Continue reading She says: Axioo + Nefi Decor = Heart-melting Moments

She says: Most Beautiful Vows

Wedding vow is supposed to be your own vow. But most of the people used templates to just get it over with. I have nothing against that, since it happened in most of the weddings I attended. But why not make it personal. Especially if you are a Christian and you are making a vow in front of God and your beloved. Why go by … Continue reading She says: Most Beautiful Vows