Behind The Wedding: Ben & Joy on Nikoi Island

We are going to start a series of Behind The Wedding #behindthewedding posts! This should get interesting as we show you the blood and the sweat that goes on behind each wedding. As a are a team of ever passionate wedding decorators, coordinators and a planner, we’ll put up interesting posts with tips and tricks for you! As Rosette Designs & Co grows, we are … Continue reading Behind The Wedding: Ben & Joy on Nikoi Island

Yogi Bar, Nikoi Island

Destination beach wedding: Nikoi Island

Last month, we had an awesome opportunity to plan and coordinate the wedding of Ben & Joy on Nikoi Island, a private island in Bintan, Indonesia. It was such an out-of-the-world experience for us and their guests, out of the bustling city and past rows of tanker ships that crowd Singapore’s water. Let us introduce this place as your potential wedding venue. When you are searching … Continue reading Destination beach wedding: Nikoi Island

Destination Wedding – Bali

We, Rosette Designs and Co, has just been interviewed by Wedding Bali, a one stop guide for couples planning to have their wedding in the beautiful island of Bali. Bali has become one of the most popular wedding destinations in the World and it’s not a surprise given the island’s exquisite beaches and serenity. It’s the perfect place if you’re thinking of a place to have … Continue reading Destination Wedding – Bali

Real Wedding: Vera & Emanuele

Another wedding planned, designed, decorated and coordinated by Rosette Designs. It’s been more than a month since our Valentine’s Day couple tied the knot. A very cheerful and gorgeous Italian couple indeed, and their guests were equally crazy, fun and beautiful. Vera & Emanuele approached us back in September 2013 with a common vision for their special day – a small, intimate yet crazy celebration … Continue reading Real Wedding: Vera & Emanuele

Rosette Designs & Co: Classic Chic Styling Part II

On one fine day, in Rosette Designs & Co compound, when we are feeling a little nostalgic and romantic… we decided to roll up our sleeves and dress up, by digging up our black and white collection and do a little styling. Here in Rosette Designs & Co, we have a common obsession. We love Black and White. Stripes, checkered, chevron.. love love love…Black and white … Continue reading Rosette Designs & Co: Classic Chic Styling Part II

She says: Destination Wedding is Awesome!

I just came back from my best friend’s (Katryn and Arie) wedding. In my humble opinion, their wedding is the one of the most well-thought and detailed wedding I’ve ever seen. The bride is one of the OCD species, which translate to compulsively detailed and orderly. She is the most well-planned bride I have ever encountered. Making the job of her decorator and wedding organizer … Continue reading She says: Destination Wedding is Awesome!