She says: Hands-On Brides

There is a notorious term for this breed of bride: Bridezilla. Bride that is involved in every details and want to be in control of her wedding. This term has a negative connotation yet more and more brides claim to be one. My lovely fellow bloggers, Josephine, is one of them. For me, I couldn’t care less about the attributes, but I wouldn’t claimed to … Continue reading She says: Hands-On Brides

We say: My Dream Wedding!

Step back in time with us, as we present what is essentially our take on a perfect dream wedding… our very Victorian-Inspired Wedding! Theme of the Wedding: Vintage-Rustic Theme Our style is to be elegant, antique and classy. To make use of items such as vintage cars, personalized favors and antique furniture to bring out the feel. Here’s the inspiration board.. The colour scheme includes … Continue reading We say: My Dream Wedding!

She says: Preparing for the Big Day

Ever since we started this blog, I received comments from fellow brides-to-be, saying that they are glad to see somebody else is also preparing intensively for her wedding. Some even said, it makes her feel less odd… It gets me thinking, seems like it deems “odd” to go the extra mile for your wedding preparation. I often get a lot of amazed look from friends … Continue reading She says: Preparing for the Big Day