Wedding of Jessica & Jeffrey

This is one of the most beautiful and intimate weddings we’ve ever planned and executed. Jessica engaged us for full wedding planning since she is based in Shanghai. Within a short period, we managed to secure the perfect place for her dream wedding. She has a vision of butterfly-inspired wedding in a very cozy and warm setting. We delivered more than her expectation as the … Continue reading Wedding of Jessica & Jeffrey

She says: Letterpress Goodness

This morning, I woke up to a letterpress epiphany. I might be able to get letterpress invitations for my wedding! You might wonder what’s so good about it? *what is letterpress* The Background : As some of you might know, my best friends and I run a small wedding stationery company named Pemberley Paperie. If you look at our company blog, mind you, it totally … Continue reading She says: Letterpress Goodness

She says: Envelopes in the Making (Part 1)

I posted a tutorial of making envelope from doilies a few weeks ago here . Finally last week, a few of my close friends and I did the first mass production in my room. The girls (Clarissa, Irene, Imelda) are such a great help! Although we were not at our best because it was pretty late and we had cocktails in our house after dinner, … Continue reading She says: Envelopes in the Making (Part 1)

She says: Do-It-Myself Lace Paper Envelope

I hereby professed my love for doilies and crafts (Winston Edit: And me!), hence it will be displayed profoundly in our wedding. The first item to support that statement is my exquisite doilies envelope, inspired by Martha Stewart’s Wedding. A little update, I am in the midst of expanding my previous company, Diary & Design Wedding into a specialized design & decor for wedding & … Continue reading She says: Do-It-Myself Lace Paper Envelope