Real Wedding: Ace & Ange

Midsummer Night’s Dream plays out a story about whimsical forests, fairies and royalty. When the dream wedding of a dancer needs to be set according to her favourite play, we were the most excited to make this couple’s dream come true. With the Alkaff Mansion shortlisted as the venue for this whimsical wedding, it was an intimate outdoor affair with their ROM set in a … Continue reading Real Wedding: Ace & Ange

Tips on Getting into The Nouveau Trend of Weddings – Part 1

Wedding has been always a significant milestone in everyone’s life, whether you are rich or poor, tall or short, hold a corporate 9-to-6 job or dwell in the creative land. Over the years, we have seen weddings evolved and changed from a mere traditional ceremony to more of a visual avenue self-expression. Especially here in Asia where weddings are often view as a family affair in lieu … Continue reading Tips on Getting into The Nouveau Trend of Weddings – Part 1

She Says: Cheerful & Graphic-Inspired Wedding in the Garden

Who says Singapore doesn’t have a nice place for outdoor weddings? This super cool couple, Steven & Sharn, chose the perfect place for their cosy nuptial. Marmalade Pantry@the Stables is a perfect hangout for weekend brunch & after-hour drinks as it is quiet, breezy and offer a perfect escape from the bustling city. Which is the reason why it fits the couple’s characteristic of a … Continue reading She Says: Cheerful & Graphic-Inspired Wedding in the Garden

*Like Us on Facebook!*

Does that sentence sound familiar? Everybody who has a Facebook account or page would understand that “Likes” do count. But as somebody that doesn’t go around and like every Facebook page that comes her way, I’d say, “Please like our page only if you like what you see!” Until our website is up, you can see our portfolio here! Continue reading *Like Us on Facebook!*

She says: It was all worth it..

Today Lily and I met a lovely couple who has a beautiful idea of having their wedding solemnization and dinner outdoors and indoors. They chose the path of what seems to be a rising popularity in Singapore’s wedding scene, a non-typical Chinese wedding dinner. We have met many couples, who have the similar interest. I would say, most of our couples prefer this path. I … Continue reading She says: It was all worth it..

She says: Season Greeting, Season of Love

I’m getting married again! I have been married for more than 5 times till date and will continue to host wedding parties for 2011. I’m kidding (in case you didn’t get my joke). Since plunging into wedding design and planning industry, I feel like I am constantly getting married. I take every wedding as my own, except that I only do what I like, the … Continue reading She says: Season Greeting, Season of Love

She says: Best of Outdoor Wedding

We had 2 photographers for our actual day, Feldberyl and Ian Photography. It was meant for different purposes based according to their strength. Both have strong aesthetic values and softer feel that I like, yet they churned out different style of pictures.I love the spontaneity that Wansheng (Feldberyl) captured, he basically recorded the mood of the moments as it is. He has eye for great … Continue reading She says: Best of Outdoor Wedding