Tips on Getting into The Nouveau Trend of Weddings – Part 1

Wedding has been always a significant milestone in everyone’s life, whether you are rich or poor, tall or short, hold a corporate 9-to-6 job or¬†dwell in the creative land. Over the years, we have seen weddings evolved and changed from a mere traditional ceremony to more of a visual avenue¬†self-expression. Especially here in Asia where weddings are often view as a family affair in lieu … Continue reading Tips on Getting into The Nouveau Trend of Weddings – Part 1

2013 Weddings – From Board to Reality

2013 marked the rising of Rosette Designs & Co in Singapore. We have planned and decorated weddings since 2010 under a different brand and this year we re-branded ourselves to focus more on creativity while we gathered resources from brilliant planners. We counted ourselves lucky by the overwhelming support and trust from our clients. As much as we want all our weddings to be ALL … Continue reading 2013 Weddings – From Board to Reality

Real Wedding: Madeline & Surinder

We love all kind of weddings, but once in a while we were given a carte blanche to propose a theme for an untraditional wedding. Madeline, a Chinese & Surinder, an Indian, has been friends for awhile and both grew up in the 70s. They share the same passion for music, especially the 60s and 70s. When we listened to their love story, it’s just … Continue reading Real Wedding: Madeline & Surinder