Real Weddings @ St Regis

There are only a few wedding venues in Singapore that exudes glam and grandeur. St Regis Hotel is one of the few. Located at the quieter part of Orchard Road, this venue guarantee exclusivity and charms, which is reflected by their Art Deco-inspired ballroom, John Jacob Ballroom. For the lover of glamorous and extravagant wedding, this place is the answer. Even to the point that … Continue reading Real Weddings @ St Regis

Our Current Obsession: Ombré

If you are not aware of this word “Ombré” by now, probably you haven’t really check out your daily read of wedding or design blogs. What has started as a hairstyle trend among the hipsters is now steadily (in a hipster sort of wayway) replacing the word, Gradient. In Rosette Designs & Co, we always try to find new inspirations as well as keeping up … Continue reading Our Current Obsession: Ombré

Wedding Venue: Raffles House @ Fort Canning Park

Planning for an outdoor wedding in Singapore can be quite a challenge, since we are people of comfort and convenience. Location can be a hassle when it comes to a tranquil & breezy place. Only a few places can offer the natural outdoor ambiance without having to warm MRT seats for more than an hour to get there. Fort Canning Park is one of the … Continue reading Wedding Venue: Raffles House @ Fort Canning Park

Rosette Designs & Co: Ladder of LOVE

Recently, we acquired a new addition to our carefully-curated-props collection in a very sublime and spontaneous manners. I popped by one of my favorite shop in a corner of Bugis area and the owner just happened to change the display set. The old one, which is a vintage wooden ladder, was tucked at a corner. I always wanted to add a ladder to our collection, so … Continue reading Rosette Designs & Co: Ladder of LOVE

She Says: Magical Bash for the Miracle Baby (Part 1)

I want to make a confession. Although I am a trained wedding planner and a full time wedding designer & stylist at Rosette Designs & Co, when it comes to finding a venue for my own party, I am as clueless as anyone that doesn’t belong to this industry! I’m planning the 1st year party for my baby, Savannah Grace and looking for places to … Continue reading She Says: Magical Bash for the Miracle Baby (Part 1)

Introducing Our New Website!

Finally our website is up and running!! After a long period of juggling everyday work and designing this website, finally I can proudly say, “Please go to our website!” The link is Inspired by a French memory board that I saw in Europe during our honeymoon, this design doesn’t really follow the typical look of a website. I always love pinning my inspiration on a … Continue reading Introducing Our New Website!

She says: Do-It-Myself Lace Paper Envelope

I hereby professed my love for doilies and crafts (Winston Edit: And me!), hence it will be displayed profoundly in our wedding. The first item to support that statement is my exquisite doilies envelope, inspired by Martha Stewart’s Wedding. A little update, I am in the midst of expanding my previous company, Diary & Design Wedding into a specialized design & decor for wedding & … Continue reading She says: Do-It-Myself Lace Paper Envelope