She says: Behind the Scene

I realize, I put a lot of nice, beautiful pictures of my wedding, but not the unsightly pictures (wth??!). So when all the pictures finally arrived, I decided to share some of the not-so-glams, but it’s still memorable. By the way, no decoration involved…. The Haggling Session begins.. It was a guaranteed fun session with the cheeky and creative bridesmaids and jie meis. Heart Breaking … Continue reading She says: Behind the Scene

She says: Confession of a Paperholic

Yesterday was Earth Day (22 April). I wouldn’t brag about being a green person looking at the amount of earth-damage I contributed in my wedding alone. The most-used element in my wedding is paper. I have to confess. I love paper, a ┬álot. I love stationery since I was young. The main element of my outdoor decoration is paper. I bought almost all aqua paper … Continue reading She says: Confession of a Paperholic

He says: Wedding Parttaaayyyy!!!

People who knows me, will know that I am an introvert. Quiet, unassuming… … NOT! OK, so I am not that quiet, but I am no party animal too. But one thing I really like, is when the wedding is a spirited one, when everyone enjoys themselves and show it. Generally Singaporean weddings are formal and simple, and partying is kept at a minimum. Indonesian … Continue reading He says: Wedding Parttaaayyyy!!!