Real Weddings: Jamie & Liana @ Raffles House

Jamie and Liana are both based in the UK and we had our meetings over Skype.  Eunice, our wedding planner happened to pass by (yes, in case you are wondering, she passed by on a work trip) and met them only once in the UK at a cafe and then saw the couple again in person just a week to the wedding. Some how, Eunice … Continue reading Real Weddings: Jamie & Liana @ Raffles House

Wedding Ideas: Fairy Lights

Fairy lights have recently taken the wedding industry by storm, thanks to Pinterest! Started out as common fixtures for cafes at night, fairy lights have made its way to wedding scenes, bringing magical ambience to the wedding venue. We’ve always loved the idea of dining under the stars, and for city dwellers, fairy lights is the perfect substitute. Thus, we often advise our clients to … Continue reading Wedding Ideas: Fairy Lights